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Special Note from Annie Grannie

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Special Note from Annie Grannie:

I must be getting older or having more fun because it is already August ……. geeesh

My granddaughter inspired my message for this month!

She was retaking of pictures that included nature, what a refreshing idea. 
I told her what ones I loved/liked.

Her reply: “You’re just like me: attracted to the pine cones”

My reply: “There is just something about nature, that calls to the soul and pleases it.”

Her reply: “You sound like a hippy” 
“Hippy” – that word hit my brain. As a flower child I had made things out of things around us – we sewed – knitted/crochet – made candles – planted – made jewelry and so on.

This is what our on line store is all about! Making useful, everyday items from whatever we can. 

This month we are introducing 100% cotton cloth masks that are sewn by Piercing Moons Creations artisan

We will also be sharing the mask pattern this month, so read on for the link to that pattern.

Our passionate spotlight for this month will focus on the Indigenous youth and bringing light to First Nations Child & Family Caring Society.

Stay Healthy & Safe

Products & Vendors

LAK designs: All types of handmade cards.

Piercing Moon Creations: Beautiful handmade masks, junk journals and more

Annie Grannie: Tea cozies with matching tea towels, half/half’s and cloths.

Radical Homemaker: Metal-free belts, dyed wool, fibre tools, and more.

Social Service Highlight

This month we would like to spotlight:

First Nations Child & Family Caring Society

This organization works to provide equitable opportunities for Canada’s First Nation children and youth in hopes that they can grow up in a safer, healthier and more supportive society.

It is an organization that tries to ensure that First Nation youth are proud to be who they are in a society that is very institutionalized against them.

Everyone, no matter race, culture, sex, etc, should be able to grow up in a safe and supportive community.

We support their efforts and hope that others will too.

Let’s change Canada for the better.

Go to their website to find out more information.

New Sales & Discounts


  1. August Special – 3 Masks for $15.00 Code: 3for15


  1. 2nd Order -In 1st Order You’ll receive a Coupon for 15% off 2nd order
  2. Towel Bundle Deal – Save 25% off of 3 items


In August, Online @


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New Carleton Place Buy & Sell


New 100% Cotton Face Masks – 2 Styles

Level: Easy

Pattern Source: https://blog.treasurie.com/diy-mask/

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