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A Special Note:


June just flew by so quickly.

It was such a different month with the opening of some of our local stores. We also had some very unusual weather with extreme hot and cold spells.

At Radical Homemaker, We are very passionate about a lot of different programs that help the well-being of fellow citizens in Canada and abroad. We wanted to bring attention to the Homeless Youth in Lanark County, Ontario. This has been a growing problem with the lack of affordable housing and employment. Now with the extra issue of COVID-19, these youth need even more help.

Our featured pattern for July is the Crochet Round Cotton Scrubbie. The scrubbie is made from 100% cotton, that we purchase from Spinrite Yarn Factory Outlet in Listowel, Ont.

This month save 25% off Mix & Match 3pc Cotton Towel Sets. Choose from a wide variety of cloths, scrubbies and towels!

Happy Canada Day!

Stay Healthy & Safe!

Social Service Highlight

This month, we would like to bring attention to the Homeless Youth in Lanark County, Ontario.

Here is a link to Corner Stone Landing, a service for Homeless Youth that you can access with confidence and privacy.


  • Provide client with information and referrals

– Food banks

– Mental Health services

  • Donating basic needs

– Food

– Clothes

– Hygiene supplies

– School supplies

  • Sponsoring a youth in need
  • Rent supplement for youth
  • Building tiny homes

Products & Vendors

LAK designs: All types of handmade cards.

Piercing Moon Creations: Beautiful handmade junk journals

Annie Grannie: Tea cozies with matching tea towels, half/halfs and cloths.

Radical Homemaker: Metal-free belts, dyed wool, fibre tools, and more.

Ultra Riche Products: Artisan soaps.

New Sales & Discounts


  1. July Special – 25% off Mix & Match 3 pc Towel Set


  1. 2nd Order -In 1st Order You’ll receive a Coupon for 15% off 2nd order
  2. SOAP & CLOTH COMBO – SAVE 25% off both
    1. Use code: Soap&Cloth at checkout


In July, Online @

Inside Ottawa Valley



New Crochet Round Cotton Scrubbie for Beginner Level

Source: Crochet Patterns Only

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